Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Disapproving Corgi - The Final Word

Stella The Fluff here. The hooman is hurt and angry. She's been involved in an internet group called Disapproving Corgis on Facebook. People post pictures of their corgis and add silly captions. Seems to me if you're lucky enough to even have a corgi in your life, you should be spending more time playing with said corgi and less time playing on the dang 'puter, butt that's just me, I guess. Anywhoebber, the hooman had posted some pictures of Auntie Em, and later in the evening, the group owner informed her there had been complaints and the photos were deleted. Complaints about what? No proper explanation was forthcoming. Em was just lounging in a papasan chair. What's to complain about? Prolly some perv. So, the hooman deleted the remainder of recent photos of us corgis and left the group. In the long run, for the best, I'm thinking. Play with me, not the 'puter! And don't get so bent out of shape over some spineless, gutless moldering turds. That's MY disapproval and whoever doesn't like it can go sod off.