Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stella 1, Bathtub 2

Dang human grabbed me before I knew what was what and I was unceremoniously hauled into the bathroom for yet another round of torment and torture. Yep, the water torture treatment. Humans can be so cruel. First I got sprayed by that infernal sprayer, then I got sudsed up with SOAP (ack!), then rinsed, and rinsed and rinsed until I thought I would go mad! Now I smell "good". Great, how am I supposed to look another self-respecting dog in the face? Oh, and I hope you'll notice how un-fluffy I am these days. Why is that, you may well ask? Because the human tortured me with an electric clippers last weekend!! All my long beautiful fluff got shorn away, until it was just fluff in the wind. All we are is fluff in the wind...

Here's poor pitiful me, post bath:

And here's the bathtub, post me, heh heh....

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