Friday, June 8, 2012

Maximum Fluffage

So the human and I are on our after work walk tonight and we walk by some kids, one of whom exclaims "that's a cute dog!". The human says thanks, like she gets some credit for that, sheesh. So then the kid says "and a really fluffy dog!".  And the human agrees (big of her, I must say). And the kid finally says, "that may be the fluffiest dog I've ever seen!". Which makes us both laugh. Yes, dogs laugh. Some humans call it an inverted sneeze, just to complicate things. Anyway, I'm nicely fixed. The human had a steak for dinner tonight, a bone in rib eye, bless her heart. So, I got the bone, natch!  Just got back in from gnawing it in the back garden. It's nice we have all this soft carpet to wipe my face on (both sides, and my chinny chin chin chin, hee hee!). Now I'm boofing at some dog barking about 10 miles away. It's a fluffy life!

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