Saturday, February 12, 2011

What A Day!

Welp, firstly, I had to got to the Vet.  And I knew that's where we were going cuz the human said nothing about going to Grammie's when we got in the car. Dang, I hate getting that thermometer shoved up my bum, it's just so not nice! Then I get the shot.  I keep hoping the Vet will miss, on account of all my glorious fluff, butt he always manages to get me.  Sheesh!  So then the human attempted to make it up to me by taking me to Petco to get more of my Wellness Core food. The place was jam packed full of poor orphans waiting to be adopted, so I wasn't crazy about being there.  Then we went to the Furry Faces Boutique in town. My human's boss gave her a gift certificate for Christmas and she finally got around to spending it.  I got a new food dish, new water dish and even another new extra water dish for the bedroom (for those late night slurps).  In addition, I got a new purple tuff toy.  We'll see how well I can whip it around and stuff.  Anyway, here's pictures of all my new loot.  Almost worth the shot and the thing up my bum!

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