Friday, July 30, 2010

Fluff's Tuff Sheepster!

Okay, I am fond of the human and all, and I certainly appreciate getting new toys. Who wouldn't? Butt, do we really need the video and the silly narrative? Honestly, this is supposed to be a grown woman behind the camera, and you'd never know listening to her. Howsumeber, you CAN mute your sound and still enjoy me enjoying my new Tuffy toy. Entirely up to you...



  1. Adorable!!! Such a cute and fun toy for Stella! Is she trying to HERD it??

  2. I love the video! She is adorable with her new sheep.. I love how she pokes it with her nose and jumps back to wait for it's reaction... This is how my corgi Dillon plays with other dogs...quick poke.. *jab jab* and darts back LOL! so cute! I love the sheep... does she carry it around? Stella is adorable!


  3. Super cute toy, and that Stella, I love her chirpy bark...she is adorable !