Monday, July 19, 2010

Coffee with a Canine

Welp, me and the human are semi-famous, pretty much! We were invited to participate in the "Coffee with a Canine" blog. A lot of the people who've been on it with their pooches are published writers, so the human was quite flattered at first. Then she realized she was asked cuz they were looking for someone more ordinary. Oops, ahem, ah well. I'm special enough for the both of us, LOL!!! See our post here:


  1. STELLA !! She is a gorgeous girl, and I love your pics of her....Just read of your other 2 corgis ( sniff, sniff ), and sooooo very glad you have this wonderful fluff...

  2. Hey -- looking for "more normal" is catnip to the casting folks -- congrats on making it to dog-normal!

  3. Hey! You haven't posted for almost a week! We need our Stella fix! What, do you have another reason for living besides (a) adoring the corgi and (b) posting?