Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Life Hands Ya Lemons...

Welp, the human got some free lemons from a co-worker and brought them home. I must say, they smell rather nice and look marvelous! They're certainly more interesting than those dumb dentastix she keeps trying to palm off on me. Sheesh, who's she kidding with that stuff? It's not even real food! I'm a corgi, for pete's sake, like I wouldn't know?



  1. We humans are an odd bunch - expecting dogs to like 'fake food'! Nothing compares to the smells of fresh! Produce, Meats - the fresher the better! Here's to your health, Stella! Hope you enjoy rolling those HUGE LEMONS around! BIG FUN!

  2. I think you oughta send this to Pedigree and tell them although the Cardi corgi recommended the dental sticks on tv that it does not pass the muster of the Famous Flying Fluff!