Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, Welcome 2010!

Welp, as I contemplate the New Year, I've come up with some New Year's resolutions:

1. Will encourage human to lose a few pounds so she doesn't keel over from a heart attack. Otherwise, I might not get fed or walked!

2. Will try and be more helpful to the human, now that she's getting on in years. I'm young and smart. She's not.

3. Which all neatly segues into working on the human to get me a corgi companion. This being an only dog thingy is kinda boring, frankly. And if she has two corgis to contend with, she'll be more active, physically and mentally. It's a win-win thingy for both of us!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fall Fluff?

We had a lovely Christmas at Grammie's yesterday. I was in an excellent position for food treaties the whole day. It helps to be amongst more than one human, that's the ticket! I got a new squeaky plush basketball toy. Well, the colors match some of my glorious fluff, so that's something. Butt, I don't know I'm all that fond of the toy just yet. The human got two seasons of a silly Britcom on DVD, and made like a vegetable last night. We had great weather over Christmas. Mild temps and bright blue sky. I got lots of good walks in. It was nice patrolling the old fart community where my Grammie lives, picking up p-mail and leaving quite a bit of my own, hee hee. The human took this picture of me just the other day. Since we're in So. CA, the trees don't change color and start dropping leaves until Dec. out here. Hence the "Fall Fluff" title. And that's pretty much it from this (fluffy) end.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's A Fluffy Life 2010 Calendar!

The human has created a lovely calendar for yours truly. I've already gotten a number of compliments on it and was asked if it could be purchased by others. So, I've decided to make it available on CafePress and donate the net proceeds to my favorite cause, CorgiAid! Just click here:

Click on the link of the calendar name and it'll show you all the monthly images. Now, if you have a hankering for something a bit more humorous, the human used an image of me as a wee puppster and threw some text on there to illustrate the classic "Corgi Mind Meld". We uploaded the image to CafePress and put it on a whole mess of stuff. And again, all net proceeds go to CorgiAid!!

Monday, December 21, 2009



The moth actually survived and was released back into the wild by the human.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The "kin i hab a fwy, pwease" Retraction!

Welp, this is a first here at Stella the Fluff's Blog. The human involved in the sad tale of Miz Hayley Boo Banana Nut Bread and her lack of fwy, contacted us to defend herownself. Of course, we do know that this human is really quite outstanding in all respects, just a bit myopic in that one given circumstance. So, here's the human's response, along with a nice picture showing the human giving a Fluff trimming demonstration at one of the famous Tennessee Corgi Picnics (which holds an auction each year benefiting CorgiAid!).

"Hey, this is the human who is owned by Hayley Boo Banana Nut Bread! Just so everyone, especially Santa, doesn't think I'm a cruel and unfeeling person...Hayley Boo gets nearly everything she asks for! Well, actually everything, come to think of it. I just didn't see her sitting at my feet because I had my nose stuck in a book as I was scarfing the fries down. And she is usually sacked out during that time of day in the old dog sleep of the dead. So tomorrow I will go and buy her a whole bag of McDonald's fries, just as a make up. OK? And also, she got ice cream every single week this year that DQ was open.I think this story has been highly sensationalized and I expect I'll be on the Kardashians or maybe Maury soon. (sigh)"

New Flower Bed!

I'm very pleased. After weeks of pestering, I finally got the human to put in another flower bed. This is a raised bed, using edging stones. Oh you should have heard her grumbling as she had to haul in about 12 of those big things. Butt there's no choice in this. The ground is hard packed clay, and I can't have my human keeling over from heart failure, trying to dig up a new bed. Who'd feed me? Once the stones were in place and it was filled up with good garden soil, I directed her to put in a whole mess of tulip, hyacinth and crocus bulbs, and then she planted the exterior portion of the bed with some pretty violas and sweet alyssum. My human is a plant fiend. It's sad really. Most women spend their money on hair, makeup, clothes, jewelry and the like. Not mine. She spends it all on plants! Still, I like having gardening as a hobby, it gets me outside. I get to supervise all the work (without lifting even one delicate white paw) and take the credit for the beauty. I am a corgi, after all, and a Fluff, to boot!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

kin i hab a fwy, pwease?

Miz Hayley Boo Banana Nut Bread did not have a great day today. First, she was abruptly awakened from her beauty sleep, and then subjected to a BATH. And as if that wasn't enough, oh FEY the unkindness of it all, she missed out on her tribute. See, when her human stops at a fast food joint on the way home from somewhere, she always has to pay a tribute of at least one french fry. Welp, Hayley's human (who shall remain nameless) just scarfed the whole load down! Yep, there stood Hayley, politely asking, "kin i hab a fwy, pwease?". And then there were none. And yet this wonderful, beautiful corgi had faithfully delivered litters of lovely corgi puppies over the years, garnering praise from all. In her retirement, you'd think, oh sniff sniff, I need a kleenex. Here's a picture of Hayley in all her motherhood glory. Note that she's feeding AND cleaning her pups at the same time? Talk about multi-tasking. Bet humans can't do that!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fluffy Christmas Tree!

Welp, the human finally got the tree decorated and I must say, it looks rather nice. She got some of those multi-colored lights (butt no yellow, ick) and then fiddled with the decorations for something like forever. She took a halfway decent picture of me in my supervisory position, although she managed to cut off the lower part of my body. Sigh. No one's perfect.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Light Colors?

Welp, the human's indeciveness has taken a new turn. We've got a fake tree that comes prelit with white lights. She added another strand of white lights that she had on hand, but doesn't want to put up the colored ones cuz they look too pink. So now she's wondering if she should just make do with the white lights, or go out and maybe get a strand of blue ones. Frankly, I don't care, since I'm pretty much color blind. Butt, here's a picture of the tree with just the plain white lights. I'm nearby, having supervised the putting up of the tree, natch. So, feel free to comment on this, if you find it even remotely interesting. Franks an beans!

Community Hero!

Here's my human's good friend, Marilee, riding in a snazzy red car as Grand Marshal of the 2009 Springfield Christmas Parade. Her lovely GSD, Fargo, is being walked along side the car. We're very proud of Marilee and all her efforts in organizing this parade every year, for so many years. It's high time she was honored for it!