Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pre-Barkday Fun

Welp, the human decided to try and get a picture of me wearing my barkday hat. See, tomorrow I turn two years old! Butt, I'm not fond of hats. I've got big fluffy ears, and they just look silly on me (hats, not the ears), so I had my bit of fun at the human's expense...


Hummer in my garden!

Welp, the human was getting ready for work and I was keeping an eye on the back garden, when what should appear butt one of those cheeky hummingbirds! Honestly, they're as bold as brass. This one was hovering right in front of the screen door, not more than maybe 3 feet from me! I growled a warning, and it just went and sat on a plant support, calm as you please.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rainbow Bridge Anniversary

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Not to boast or anything, butt did you know I'm famous? Kinda sorta. There's a picture of me on the Wikipedia page for Pembroke Welsh corgis. Just scroll down the page till you get to the bit about coat/colors. I'm the tricolor fluff, natch!

Fluffy Roadkill?


She did it to me again.

Another stinkin bath...sigh

Tortoise and the Fluff!

Nope, this isn't a modern retelling of the classic fable. This is the real deal! My human left to go have "lunch" with her momma. Suddenly, she came running back in, grabbed her camera, and put my collar and lead on, saying "Stella, you gotta see this!". Out the door we went, and WHOA NELLIE!! There was this big, kinda roundish thingy, and I suddenly realized it had a head and legs! The human said it was a tortoise. Welp, it sure was the strangest thing I ever saw. The human managed to capture my brave defense on video. Be sure you're sitting down when you see this one!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fluffy Howl

Hey, wanna hear something cool? Here's a video of me doing my wolf howl. It's quite awesome.


Me, herd?

So, the human mentioned sending off something called a registration form, for something called a herding instinct test. She tells me that angelic Emma and Trav were both tested several years ago. Emma passed her test spectacularly, herding the sheepies like she’d been doing it all her life, even though she’d never seen a sheep before that day. So, apparently, you’re taken into a large pen with a bunch of smelly old sheep and let loose to see what you’ll do. What are sheep? Oh wait, I know this! I saw the movie Babe, after all. Cripes, I get to be a SHEEP DOG!! I’m even the right species, not to mention the right breed. Thing is, those sheep look pretty big. And instead of paws, they have hooves. So their feeties are actually hard bone! What if they step all over me, or kick me, that could hurt. Then again, apparently my Unka Twabbie failed his herding instinct test rather spectacularly by spending the first several minutes just sitting in the pen staring back at his human, then finding sheep poop and rolling in it. Hmmm…okay, I guess I could manage that. Phew!  Hey, here's a pic of Auntie Em herding the stinky sheepies. Cool, huh?

The Truth About PETA...

So, the human was going on about PETA recently. She seems to think it's all about eradicating domestic animals, even getting rid of "pets" like cats and dogs. Where do they get their information? PETA, as all good animals know, stands for People Eaten as Tasty Appetizers. It’s a shell organization, started by Lions for the Serengeti. The American contingent is made up mostly of grizzlies and mountain lions living in the west out here. They get people to join, ostensibly to protect the rights of poor defenseless animals. Butt what’s really happening is that those poor defenseless people are being groomed as hors d’oeuvres. I saw a big ol’ Rottweiler trotting down the street just the other day wearing a t-shirt that said, “I love PETA members. They taste just like chicken”. Seriously!

Fluffy Gardening

Ah, gardening. I like to encourage hobbies in my human, particularly gardening. It gets us both out into the fresh air, and I get to watch her work. What’s so great about our current abode is that we actually have a small yard. As such, the human is putting in what’s called a perennial border. I guess in England they call it a herbaceous border. Butt, we’re not in England, and I’m Welsh, so there you go. So, the human commences digging up this long strip of earth with something she calls a pitchfork. Well what a lovely thing to do! This uncovers various hidden delights… earthworms, beetles, weeds, grass, stems, rocks and dirt clods. The wormies are interesting to watch wiggling about, and the beetles are fun to chase. The weeds hold no allure for me (plants…kak kak kak!), the rocks are strictly verboten, but I’m sure not gonna turn down a decent dirt clod. I run off with my find to the grassy part of the yard and gnaw on it for awhile. My human won’t let me eat rocks cuz they don’t “come out in the wash”, so to speak. In fact, my own sister (Tasha the showdog), ate one and had to have a, ahem, procedure. Butt, I digress. So, whilst the human is digging up this flower bed, I’m helping by checking for cooties and other undesirables, and carrying off dirt clods. In the process, I manage to get good and muddy. I must say, I felt fab about it too. I flaked out on the grass to let the mud dry in the sun.

After awhile, the human gently lifted me to thoughtfully carry me into the house. See, I should have known right there something was up, cuz she’s usually not quite that thoughtful. Through the house we went, all the way to the bathroom. That puzzled me, but I figgered she wanted company whilst she cleaned up. She turns on the water in the tub, and hey wait a minute, why are you picking me up again, why are you…OH NO, NOT A BATH!!! ACK, I’m being drownded! All the lovely mud got washed out of my fluff.


And why do humans blame us for their farts? You’re minding yer own business, suddenly there's a “ppffftt!”, and the human says, “Stella, shame on you!”. That’s really kind of scurvy, don’t you think? You fart it, you own it. Sheesh.

Poor nekkid humans

Why don’t humans have fur? They’ve got wispy bits here and there, which they refer to as “hair”, mostly on their heads. Hey, maybe it’s cuz they go about on two legs, so they’re much higher up in the air, where it’s cooler, right? So they need hair on their heads to keep them warm. Wow, I just figgered that out! Butt, they really hardly have any fur/hair to speak of. And that’s why they have to wear clothes, apparently. Imagine waking up in the morning and not being able to do a thing until you put clothes on? And they even put stuff on their feets! They’re called shoes. I like shoes. Not that I’d ever wear them, mind you. Butt, they’re mostly made of leather, and quite tasty (even without ketchup). It’s very considerate of my human to have several pairs. That way, I can change off from day to day. Thank goodness she isn’t a vegan…


And a warning...
I’ve mentioned before how you really gotta watch out for humans. It’s all because they insist on walking on only two legs. WHAT are they thinking? First of all, there’s no way you’re gonna get through life like that without falling down – gravity is against you every step of the way. Second, what’s so great up there? You’re missing out on all the best smells. Everyone knows that only a few feet off the ground, smells evaporate into the atmosphere, just like water. Still, they go about on their two legs, ungainly and kinda bizarre looking, so you have got to be constantly vigilant. They’re clumsy and will trip frequently, and then they’ll blame you! Anyway, a case in point was during our vacation in Solvang. Got up early on 5/21 and headed out for our morning stroll. The human was in a pretty good mood, as it was her birthday and she had a good chance of getting some presents. So, we’re bobbing along and decide to cross the street. I made it up over the curb with my wee short legs no prob, but the silly human didn’t and went sprawling head long onto the pavement. I was SO embarrassed. I didn’t run off though, being a caring companion. It took her awhile before she was able to resume our walk, and she hobbled about like an old woman for days after. Now just imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t been quick enough to jump out of the way? I’d have gotten flattened like a pancake. I’m telling you, you can’t be too careful!Anywhoebber, here's some nice pics of me during our vacation.

First one shows me in the loft at our hotel room in Solvang. Kinda cool up here, and not scary cuz of the fence thingy. Helloooo!

Here I am hanging out with my grammie at a eat place in town.

And last butt not least, here I am...Fluff on a beach!!

Balloon Buddy

So the human went off with her momma today. I know they went out to eat food. They do that, eat food in places other than home. I’m not sure why. Must taste better, I reckon. Anywhoebber, the human comes home with this strange round thing. I’ve never seen the like of it, and the human calls it a balloon. It might have the potential for trouble, so I’m very suspicious and growly. It’s all a part of the services I offer, really. The human keeps pestering me about it. Apparently, she feels I should play with this. Huh? She demonstrates by hitting it lightly with her hand, and it bounces right back at her! Well now that seems to me a recipe for disaster, butt I finally go check it out cuz my human is making clucking noises and calling me chicken. She’s such a brat sometimes! I come to discover it’s kind of soft, and doesn’t appear to be really dangerous. Oh wow, this is actually fun!! Here's a video of me playing with my "balloon buddy". Please excuse the human's gooby commentary (sheesh).


Hatchet Job

I am a Fluff. That means my fur is naturally longer than that of ordinary corgis. I know for a fact that my human was delighted to be enslaved by a Fluffy. She knows Fluffies are special. She was even getting the Fluffy Power calendar for years before she got me. So, would someone PLEASE explain to me why she feels it necessary to take a scissors to me? And it always starts out the same, “oh, just a little trim, you’re looking a big scraggly”. Helloooo, I’m a dog! And I’m not some stinkin showdog who has to look pretty all the time. That little trim invariably leads to disaster and what I not so fondly refer to as a “botched butt”. Look at my poor butt, just look at it!!

Christmas time again!

Fortunately, Christmas isn’t too long after Halloween. Which means more toys and treaties for yours truly fluffy AND…my boy! Yep, I have my own boy. His name is Jack. He’s the pup of my human’s sister and lives very far away. He loves me very much, plays with me loads, and I must say I’m quite fond of him too.

Halloween (more fluff abuse)

Following fast on the heels of my barkday is something called Halloween. Now, I do recall from the year before that this holiday involves human children dressing up in odd clothes, ringing the bell, shouting “trick or treat” and being rewarded with what they call candy. Sadly, I was out of luck on this one, as most of the candy involved is made with chocolate – a big no no for doggies. This year, my human decided I should dress up in a costume. Why? Do I go door to door, ringing bells and shouting “trick or treat”? Hardly. Butt she insisted, and she’s bigger than me. Oh the sorrow…

Not funny...NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!

Fluff's First Barkday!

Time flies, and before I know it...October 10, 2008, my first barkday!! I must say, I was quite pleased that the human went all out for this. Howsumeber, I absolutely refused to wear the silly hat. A Fluff has to draw the line somewhere. I very much appreciated my own widdo barkday cake, complete with frosting and a candle.

Here's my barkay cake. It even has my name on it! And look at the cute doggie dish. My human...

Here's my barkday toy! His name is Oscar. Handy little handle for whipping him around, as is my usual custom!

Sock Thief

It’s always important to keep your human on their toes. Needless to say, it takes a great deal of training to get them just the way you want (regular walks, food, water, toys, belly rubs, ear scritches, more food, etc.) But, they get bored easily, so make sure you lively things up now and then. My favorite way to accomplish this is by stealing one of the human’s socks. Once you get one, run all over the place, making sure you go fast enough so they can’t catch you, oh and don’t forget to hide under furniture! Remember, it’s your solemn duty to make sure that sock is good and chewed, really quite soggy, before you let the human have it back.


This is so important. Make sure your human has food and water dishes scattered throughout the house. You don't want to miss a single meal!

More nappies

It's tough work being painfully cute and wonderfully fluffy all the time, especially when you're the only dog. Work it, to be sure! Butt, take time out for plenty of naps.

Sucking Up

Of course, it doesn't hurt to suck up to your own human, now and then. Just to remind them how wonderful you are. Remember, they don't retain stuff. Practice, practice, practice...

Fluffy Allies

It's also important to have allies, when dealing with humans. Inevitably, you and your human may disagree on certain points. So, it pays to be painfully cute around their relatives so you've got someone in your corner. Not to mention the extra toys and treats you get on birthdays and holidays. A corgi is always thinking...

Here's fluffy me and my human's momma.

Fluff on a Fleece!

The right bedding is everything. Make sure your human gets you a decent fleecy, especially for those cold winter nights.

Napping on the couch

Of course, one gets tired. And couches can be quite useful for impromptu nappies. You just plop right on them, any which way. They aren’t just for playing Queen of the Couch! They’re quite versatile, when you think about it.

Another artful pose by yours truly fluffy...

The Poser

I find string toys to be quite effective. Not only are they fun to chew on, but you can pose artfully with them, which makes the human go “ahhhh, how cute!”, and I usually get at least a belly rub out of it, if not a biscuit as well. Try this at home. I even got a spot in the Fluffy Power calendar last year with this one!

Cheap Toys

It’s not a bad idea, I discover, to accompany your human into what they call the bathroom. Especially, when they need to do time on the round white thingy. There’s a roll of paper on the wall nearby, and when it gets used up, there’s an empty hollow tube leftover. Now, some humans will just throw that away (perish the thought!), but the savvy ones (and mine is one of them, thankfully) will give it to you to gnaw on. It’s really fun to push it around with my nose, and then to shred it to bits. If your human is not cooperating in providing such things, work on them with the corgi mind meld. Practice, practice, practice!!

Fluff's First Christmas!

My human puts this funny Santa hat on me and says I’m now a Christmas corgi elf. Then she does the oddest thing. She drags a small tree into the house. I’m not kidding!! She puts it up on top of a big box, and there it is, a tree inside the house. Humans are SO weird. Butt that’s not all! She strings colored lights all through the branches, then proceeds to hang all sorts of little bits and bobs all over it. When she plugs in the lights, hey presto! It kinda looks pretty. Then she starts putting all sorts of colorful boxes underneath, which she calls “presents”. On Christmas morning, I get lots of new toys and some treaties too! So, even with the dumb hat, I guess I like Christmas well enough. Funny, I thought we were Jewish…

Em and Trav - Rainbow Bridge Buddies

Before I go any further, it’s important to mention my predessors. My human has been lovingly enslaved by corgis for something like 15 years. Before me, there was Emma and Travelyr. Emma was first dog. She was a pistol! I understand that during an early altercation, she ran upstairs, jumped on the human’s bed and peed right in the middle of it. I think to get your point across, something like this may be necessary at times. Not that I’ve done it myself, mind you. Like my Uncle Trav, I don’t like heights. So, Em was about a year old when the human got Trav. Poor Trav thought since he was a boy dog, he was supposed to be the top dog. No No Nanette! Still, he gave it a good try. Emma let him win at wrassling, and she never cared which toys he wanted to chew on or play with, just so long as he steered clear of her food dish. Em did a great job of training my human, actually. I really only had to provide a refresher course when I arrived. Trav is on the left in this picture, and Emma is on the right (natch). The Fairies are always around us corgis, especially for pictures!

Stair Master, or is that Mistress?

So, in my new home, we have something called stairs. They go from one floor to another floor that’s up higher or sumfin. The human has them gated, but I know someday they will be mine! Finally the day arrives, and I can go UP the stairs. Wheeee!!! 

Oh, and here's a video of me going up those stairs!!


Stella's Revenge

Well, I’m not going to stand (dripping wet) for this! I ran and got my human’s slipper and roughed it up real good. Vengeance is mine!!

First Bath, ACK!!

Then one day, I was minding my own business (as is my usual custom), when suddenly the human picked me up and carried me into the kitchen. Well that was okay, cuz I’m smart and quickly learned that food comes from this room. So, I figger I’m gonna get something good to eat. But instead, she plops me in this big shiny bowl, which she calls a sink. Then she starts running water! Welp, I’m not thirsty, so what’s up with…hey wait, don’t pour water all over me! And now what? Oh no, she’s rubbing this bubbly smelly stuff into my fur!! Finally, she rinses all the stuff (I guess it’s called shampoo) out, and rubs me briskly with a big fluffy towel. Yep, I’ve just had my first bath. Gone are the scents of my momma, brothers and sister. Now I smell “nice”. ACK, SHPLFT!! I'm not sure I like this human anymore, so I go hide under the coffee table.

First Walkies

Next big thing is the human puts a collar on me, which I wasn’t thrilled about, but momma had warned me about it. Apparently, humans get lost easily, so if you wear a collar with pertinent information on it, you can then find them again. Then she attached this long thingy called a flexi lead. I thought it was kinda weird, but then we went outside and I was able to run all over the place! I got to explore my “neighborhood”, as the human calls it. Lots of scents, stuff to look at, places to pee and poop. It’s all good! Click here to see a video of me out on walkies...

Nap Time!

So, I explore my new home and play with all my toys, butt finally I get really tired. I find these thingies the human calls sandals. They smell like her, which is kinda nice, and the leather smell is intriguing (thank goodness she isn't a vegan!), so I decide to have my nap right there on top of them.

Corgi Mind Meld

Training. My momma drilled it into me as a wee puppster the importance of training humans to do your bidding, and starting right away. It’s not something you can leave, and hope they’ll pick it up as they go. Humans are not smart. Momma said it takes endless repetition, discreet nibbles, a couple of sharp bites, nose bumps, heel nipping, lap flops and a judicious amount of barking. And not just any kind of barking. You know what I’m talking about. We have all sorts of barks, each for an appropriate occasion. My Auntie Em prided herself on her “shatters glass” bark. Sadly, and likely because I’m a Fluff, I can’t do that one. My serious bark is more along the lines of “brar ROO!”. Anyway, one must keep on the humans at all times, every single cotton pickin day. Their brains just can’t retain this stuff. It’s particularly useful to work on them at night, when it’s fairly quiet. If you catch one watching TV, reading a book, looking at email on the ‘puter, or best of all, asleep in bed, then it’s time to do the Corgi Mind Meld. You sit there and stare at them, really drill into them with what they need to know to serve you. I had the technique down pat by the time I was 3 months old. Here's a video of me working on my big wow bark. Pretty impressive, eh?


New digs, New Toys!

In this new place, the first thing I discovered was a huge mess of toys! And they were all mine. Didn’t have to share with my brothers and sister! The other cool thing was that I could go pretty much anywhere I wanted and play Queen of the Couch on my very own couch!

New Home

So anyway, this human shows up, I get lifted out of the puppy pen and get to play Queen of the Couch whilst she and my breeder yap. Ever notice how much humans yap to each other? Next thing I know, I’m being put in a big blue box in the back seat of a car and away I go! I found that if I stood up and peeped through the window in the box, I could see the human as she sat in the front seat with the wheel thingy in her hands. I could tell we were moving, and yet we were just sitting there. We sat in the car a long time, then the door of the big box opened, and I was in a completely new place!

Fluff Behind Bars!

My breeder, the illustrious Liisa Coit (middle picture) took this picture of me in the puppy pen. I’m a bit scruffy cuz I’ve been wrassling with my brothers. Anyway, the human took one look at this pic and was hopelessly smitten. You gotta catch ‘em early. Look at my face – it is futile to resist, bwaaaaahahahaha!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Starry Inspiration

Here's the first picture my human saw of me (I'm the one drinking). She noted the white splash on the back of my neck and came up with Rosewood Starry Night (that's my official AKC registered name), and Stella (variant of Estelle, which means star in Hebrew) for my everyday name.

I Am Born

Well, okay, this picture was taken shortly thereafter. You can see me and maybe one of my littermates squished in there, and that's my Momma, Sophie (Rosewood Inspiration). So, what am I? Why a new member of a most excellent breed of dog: Pembroke Welsh corgi.