Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Flower Bed!

I'm very pleased. After weeks of pestering, I finally got the human to put in another flower bed. This is a raised bed, using edging stones. Oh you should have heard her grumbling as she had to haul in about 12 of those big things. Butt there's no choice in this. The ground is hard packed clay, and I can't have my human keeling over from heart failure, trying to dig up a new bed. Who'd feed me? Once the stones were in place and it was filled up with good garden soil, I directed her to put in a whole mess of tulip, hyacinth and crocus bulbs, and then she planted the exterior portion of the bed with some pretty violas and sweet alyssum. My human is a plant fiend. It's sad really. Most women spend their money on hair, makeup, clothes, jewelry and the like. Not mine. She spends it all on plants! Still, I like having gardening as a hobby, it gets me outside. I get to supervise all the work (without lifting even one delicate white paw) and take the credit for the beauty. I am a corgi, after all, and a Fluff, to boot!

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