Sunday, December 6, 2009

Light Colors?

Welp, the human's indeciveness has taken a new turn. We've got a fake tree that comes prelit with white lights. She added another strand of white lights that she had on hand, but doesn't want to put up the colored ones cuz they look too pink. So now she's wondering if she should just make do with the white lights, or go out and maybe get a strand of blue ones. Frankly, I don't care, since I'm pretty much color blind. Butt, here's a picture of the tree with just the plain white lights. I'm nearby, having supervised the putting up of the tree, natch. So, feel free to comment on this, if you find it even remotely interesting. Franks an beans!


  1. I personally LOVE all white lights :) Looks classic!

  2. I think the lights should contrast with your fur, so white is good! Sit a little closer to the tree, will ya? And don a bow for the picture? Pretty Please???

  3. Mom says that she will wait to see what the rest of the decorations look like. She likes a lot of color, herself, but that comes of being an artist, I think.

    I think your tree is about the same size as ours. Did you see our post. Mom did a Corgi Tree this year and posted it on the Git R Done for last week.