Saturday, December 19, 2009

kin i hab a fwy, pwease?

Miz Hayley Boo Banana Nut Bread did not have a great day today. First, she was abruptly awakened from her beauty sleep, and then subjected to a BATH. And as if that wasn't enough, oh FEY the unkindness of it all, she missed out on her tribute. See, when her human stops at a fast food joint on the way home from somewhere, she always has to pay a tribute of at least one french fry. Welp, Hayley's human (who shall remain nameless) just scarfed the whole load down! Yep, there stood Hayley, politely asking, "kin i hab a fwy, pwease?". And then there were none. And yet this wonderful, beautiful corgi had faithfully delivered litters of lovely corgi puppies over the years, garnering praise from all. In her retirement, you'd think, oh sniff sniff, I need a kleenex. Here's a picture of Hayley in all her motherhood glory. Note that she's feeding AND cleaning her pups at the same time? Talk about multi-tasking. Bet humans can't do that!

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  1. Hey, this is the human who is owned by Hayley Boo Banana Nut Bread! Just so everyone, especially Santa, doesn't think I'm a cruel and unfeeling person...Hayley Boo gets nearly everything she asks for! Well, actually everything, come to think of it. I just didn't see her sitting at my feet because I had my nose stuck in a book as I was scarfing the fries down. And she is usually sacked out during that time of day in the old dog sleep of the dead. So tomorrow I will go and buy her a whole bag of McDonald's fries, just as a make up. OK? And also, she got ice cream every single week this year that DQ was open.
    I think this story has been highly sensationalized and I expect I'll be on the Kardashians or maybe Maury soon. (sigh)