Sunday, December 20, 2009

The "kin i hab a fwy, pwease" Retraction!

Welp, this is a first here at Stella the Fluff's Blog. The human involved in the sad tale of Miz Hayley Boo Banana Nut Bread and her lack of fwy, contacted us to defend herownself. Of course, we do know that this human is really quite outstanding in all respects, just a bit myopic in that one given circumstance. So, here's the human's response, along with a nice picture showing the human giving a Fluff trimming demonstration at one of the famous Tennessee Corgi Picnics (which holds an auction each year benefiting CorgiAid!).

"Hey, this is the human who is owned by Hayley Boo Banana Nut Bread! Just so everyone, especially Santa, doesn't think I'm a cruel and unfeeling person...Hayley Boo gets nearly everything she asks for! Well, actually everything, come to think of it. I just didn't see her sitting at my feet because I had my nose stuck in a book as I was scarfing the fries down. And she is usually sacked out during that time of day in the old dog sleep of the dead. So tomorrow I will go and buy her a whole bag of McDonald's fries, just as a make up. OK? And also, she got ice cream every single week this year that DQ was open.I think this story has been highly sensationalized and I expect I'll be on the Kardashians or maybe Maury soon. (sigh)"


  1. oh no! not the Kardashians! anywhere but there!
    maybe Stella would be wiling to start her own talk show?

  2. Oh, dear... I think we didn't do any of the past several comment posts right. The one above this one had that extra part come up and we didn't see that on the last 3-4 we did. We did comments on both "fries" blogs, and the flower bed one, too. I hope you got them! The Corgi Country Crew

  3. Just so everyone knows, two days ago, Hayley got her own bag of fwies! I didn't let her scarf thema ll down, I gave them to her one or two at a time so they would last a little while. She did share a few with her great grand daughter, the beautiful Twice, which I think was really nice of her.