Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fluffy Christmas Tree!

Welp, the human finally got the tree decorated and I must say, it looks rather nice. She got some of those multi-colored lights (butt no yellow, ick) and then fiddled with the decorations for something like forever. She took a halfway decent picture of me in my supervisory position, although she managed to cut off the lower part of my body. Sigh. No one's perfect.


  1. Oh, Stella... Your tree came out looking VERY PRETTY! (Mom doesn't like yellow either) Of course, YOU are the prettiest thing about the tree! One of our good friends is a fluff named Lady and she belongs to the lady that had taken my brother. She got Lady after my brother was hit by a car when the neighbor kids let him out of the yard on that Christmas Day ten years ago. (I'm going to be 11 this next April) OC

  2. If this comes through twice, just don't post one of the comments, ok? I just did a comment but the second check thingy didn't come up, so I don't think it went through for some reason.

    Anyway, I said something like: Oh, Stella... Your trea came out beauifully! And of course, you being in the front of it makes the picture just that much more beautiful.

    One of my friends is a fluff named Lady. She belongs to the lady that had taken my brother when I was born. She got Lady about a year later after my brother, Rascal, got hit by a car when the neighbor kids let him out on Christmas Day 10 years ago. (I will be eleven years old in April). OC