Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fall Fluff?

We had a lovely Christmas at Grammie's yesterday. I was in an excellent position for food treaties the whole day. It helps to be amongst more than one human, that's the ticket! I got a new squeaky plush basketball toy. Well, the colors match some of my glorious fluff, so that's something. Butt, I don't know I'm all that fond of the toy just yet. The human got two seasons of a silly Britcom on DVD, and made like a vegetable last night. We had great weather over Christmas. Mild temps and bright blue sky. I got lots of good walks in. It was nice patrolling the old fart community where my Grammie lives, picking up p-mail and leaving quite a bit of my own, hee hee. The human took this picture of me just the other day. Since we're in So. CA, the trees don't change color and start dropping leaves until Dec. out here. Hence the "Fall Fluff" title. And that's pretty much it from this (fluffy) end.

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  1. enjoying your fluffy life too in Singapore city.