Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Number Two!

Hee hee, it's my number two barkday, that is! Naturally, the human went all out. I got special food (no complaints there!) with a lit candle (which I could have done without) and a new toy. I'm not sure what to make of the new toy just yet. It's a pink pig. Is that a hint? I'm fluffy, not fat! Anywhoebber, here's a picture of me sizing up the barkday layout, and a video to boot!



  1. Congrats to Stella for her winning a calendar page! Adorable photo, Stella! And Happy Birthday - you share one with ME (but I'm older than Two, I'm afraid....)

  2. Happy Birthday Stella! Check my blog for a present! ;)

  3. my goodness, i didn't think i'd get to be a calendar girl, and miss may is mighty fine. ooh, a pwesent fur me? i will go have a look. franks an beans!