Saturday, September 26, 2009

Balloon Buddy

So the human went off with her momma today. I know they went out to eat food. They do that, eat food in places other than home. I’m not sure why. Must taste better, I reckon. Anywhoebber, the human comes home with this strange round thing. I’ve never seen the like of it, and the human calls it a balloon. It might have the potential for trouble, so I’m very suspicious and growly. It’s all a part of the services I offer, really. The human keeps pestering me about it. Apparently, she feels I should play with this. Huh? She demonstrates by hitting it lightly with her hand, and it bounces right back at her! Well now that seems to me a recipe for disaster, butt I finally go check it out cuz my human is making clucking noises and calling me chicken. She’s such a brat sometimes! I come to discover it’s kind of soft, and doesn’t appear to be really dangerous. Oh wow, this is actually fun!! Here's a video of me playing with my "balloon buddy". Please excuse the human's gooby commentary (sheesh).


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