Saturday, September 26, 2009

Me, herd?

So, the human mentioned sending off something called a registration form, for something called a herding instinct test. She tells me that angelic Emma and Trav were both tested several years ago. Emma passed her test spectacularly, herding the sheepies like she’d been doing it all her life, even though she’d never seen a sheep before that day. So, apparently, you’re taken into a large pen with a bunch of smelly old sheep and let loose to see what you’ll do. What are sheep? Oh wait, I know this! I saw the movie Babe, after all. Cripes, I get to be a SHEEP DOG!! I’m even the right species, not to mention the right breed. Thing is, those sheep look pretty big. And instead of paws, they have hooves. So their feeties are actually hard bone! What if they step all over me, or kick me, that could hurt. Then again, apparently my Unka Twabbie failed his herding instinct test rather spectacularly by spending the first several minutes just sitting in the pen staring back at his human, then finding sheep poop and rolling in it. Hmmm…okay, I guess I could manage that. Phew!  Hey, here's a pic of Auntie Em herding the stinky sheepies. Cool, huh?

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