Saturday, September 26, 2009


And a warning...
I’ve mentioned before how you really gotta watch out for humans. It’s all because they insist on walking on only two legs. WHAT are they thinking? First of all, there’s no way you’re gonna get through life like that without falling down – gravity is against you every step of the way. Second, what’s so great up there? You’re missing out on all the best smells. Everyone knows that only a few feet off the ground, smells evaporate into the atmosphere, just like water. Still, they go about on their two legs, ungainly and kinda bizarre looking, so you have got to be constantly vigilant. They’re clumsy and will trip frequently, and then they’ll blame you! Anyway, a case in point was during our vacation in Solvang. Got up early on 5/21 and headed out for our morning stroll. The human was in a pretty good mood, as it was her birthday and she had a good chance of getting some presents. So, we’re bobbing along and decide to cross the street. I made it up over the curb with my wee short legs no prob, but the silly human didn’t and went sprawling head long onto the pavement. I was SO embarrassed. I didn’t run off though, being a caring companion. It took her awhile before she was able to resume our walk, and she hobbled about like an old woman for days after. Now just imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t been quick enough to jump out of the way? I’d have gotten flattened like a pancake. I’m telling you, you can’t be too careful!Anywhoebber, here's some nice pics of me during our vacation.

First one shows me in the loft at our hotel room in Solvang. Kinda cool up here, and not scary cuz of the fence thingy. Helloooo!

Here I am hanging out with my grammie at a eat place in town.

And last butt not least, here I am...Fluff on a beach!!

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