Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fluff's First Christmas!

My human puts this funny Santa hat on me and says I’m now a Christmas corgi elf. Then she does the oddest thing. She drags a small tree into the house. I’m not kidding!! She puts it up on top of a big box, and there it is, a tree inside the house. Humans are SO weird. Butt that’s not all! She strings colored lights all through the branches, then proceeds to hang all sorts of little bits and bobs all over it. When she plugs in the lights, hey presto! It kinda looks pretty. Then she starts putting all sorts of colorful boxes underneath, which she calls “presents”. On Christmas morning, I get lots of new toys and some treaties too! So, even with the dumb hat, I guess I like Christmas well enough. Funny, I thought we were Jewish…

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