Saturday, September 26, 2009

Em and Trav - Rainbow Bridge Buddies

Before I go any further, it’s important to mention my predessors. My human has been lovingly enslaved by corgis for something like 15 years. Before me, there was Emma and Travelyr. Emma was first dog. She was a pistol! I understand that during an early altercation, she ran upstairs, jumped on the human’s bed and peed right in the middle of it. I think to get your point across, something like this may be necessary at times. Not that I’ve done it myself, mind you. Like my Uncle Trav, I don’t like heights. So, Em was about a year old when the human got Trav. Poor Trav thought since he was a boy dog, he was supposed to be the top dog. No No Nanette! Still, he gave it a good try. Emma let him win at wrassling, and she never cared which toys he wanted to chew on or play with, just so long as he steered clear of her food dish. Em did a great job of training my human, actually. I really only had to provide a refresher course when I arrived. Trav is on the left in this picture, and Emma is on the right (natch). The Fairies are always around us corgis, especially for pictures!

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