Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fluffy Gardening

Ah, gardening. I like to encourage hobbies in my human, particularly gardening. It gets us both out into the fresh air, and I get to watch her work. What’s so great about our current abode is that we actually have a small yard. As such, the human is putting in what’s called a perennial border. I guess in England they call it a herbaceous border. Butt, we’re not in England, and I’m Welsh, so there you go. So, the human commences digging up this long strip of earth with something she calls a pitchfork. Well what a lovely thing to do! This uncovers various hidden delights… earthworms, beetles, weeds, grass, stems, rocks and dirt clods. The wormies are interesting to watch wiggling about, and the beetles are fun to chase. The weeds hold no allure for me (plants…kak kak kak!), the rocks are strictly verboten, but I’m sure not gonna turn down a decent dirt clod. I run off with my find to the grassy part of the yard and gnaw on it for awhile. My human won’t let me eat rocks cuz they don’t “come out in the wash”, so to speak. In fact, my own sister (Tasha the showdog), ate one and had to have a, ahem, procedure. Butt, I digress. So, whilst the human is digging up this flower bed, I’m helping by checking for cooties and other undesirables, and carrying off dirt clods. In the process, I manage to get good and muddy. I must say, I felt fab about it too. I flaked out on the grass to let the mud dry in the sun.

After awhile, the human gently lifted me to thoughtfully carry me into the house. See, I should have known right there something was up, cuz she’s usually not quite that thoughtful. Through the house we went, all the way to the bathroom. That puzzled me, but I figgered she wanted company whilst she cleaned up. She turns on the water in the tub, and hey wait a minute, why are you picking me up again, why are you…OH NO, NOT A BATH!!! ACK, I’m being drownded! All the lovely mud got washed out of my fluff.

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